Of Walking Spetses


Street Photography Documentary

"Of walking - Spetses" is created in the context of the peripatetic photography, taken on a my stay in the Greek Island Spetses in September 2022. 

Spetses 2022. Photo: Knut Werner Lindeberg Alsén

From 1821, the island played an important role in the Greek War of Independence, and it was the home of Laskarina Bouboulina (1771-1825), a Greek naval commander, heroine of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, and considered the first woman to attain the rank of admiral.

In 1825 Bouboulina was killed in an argument with the head of the Koutsis family, whose daughter Bouboulina's son had eloped with.

With its rich history and culture, museums, beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, cosmopolitan nightlife, Spetses is the perfect location for a short-break or long vacation throughout the year


Street Photography Documentary

Peripatetic photography

This is the quiet side of street photography during which attention is given primarily to the state of mind of the photographer and not to the hunting of exceptional phenomena. An approach to peripatetic photography is the experiential, direct, non-conceptual photography.  

Peripatetic photography is a good description of my visual working methods that I use, strolling in the urban environment. For me this is as a form of meditation, wandering as a possibility of emptying the mind as a source of inspiration and creativity. Or just recreational, intuitive photography.

This internalization of the attention brings a more sober reading of reality. The editing is a form of non-linear-narrative composition of images.

The term "peripatetic" is a transliteration of the ancient Greek word peripatêtikos, which means "of walking" or "given to walking about" or "strolling". The Peripatetic school, is founded by Aristotle who taught philosophy while walking.